Kurzinfomation Negation

Wenn man Entdeckungen machen will, muss man die angeblich unumstösslichen Wahrheiten negieren, nach allgemeineren Wahrheiten suchen und dafür Experimente beiziehen.

The Method of Negation and Construction ... is based on the principle of the flexibility of truth as I formulated it some thirty-five years ago (1933)
In particular, any communicable statement, which of necessity must be formulated in finite terms cannot be absolute. Thus, for instance, the uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics cannot really represent an ultimate truth because its claim that products of the uncertainties in the simultaneous determination of coordinates and momenta, or of energies and life times can never be smaller than Planck's constant h is too inflexible.
I predict that a determined effort to negate the absolute certainty expressed by the uncertainty principle, followed by the formulation of a law which is in better accord with the principle of the flexibility of scientific truth will lead to new fundamental insights in theoretical physics.

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